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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 5, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of oscar grant. >> here is a live look from emeryville this morning, some of the fog that moving through into the north bay the we have cool weather. for the rest of us, sunny and warm. we'll tell you when the cool weather gets in your neighborhood. >> traffic is friday light this morning. delay free here and around the bay area. >> good morning everyone. >> thanks a lot for joining us on this friday. it's now 5:00, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> let's get to the top story, in east contra costa county, firefighters are investigating the cause of an early morning fire that destroyed a house in brentwood. it started around 12:30 at a single family home. single story building was fully involved when crews arrived-a woman who was home at the time got out safely but her dog did
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not survive. they found the german sheppard when it was safe enough to go inside. >> oakland is making final preparations of the sentencing of a former bart police officer. everyone from police to businesses hoping to avoid the trump the verdict came down. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with details. >> right here at oakland city hall is the only place where there is a permitted demonstration. it's this afternoon. police and businesses preparing for something they hope never happens, something is that happened after the verdict came in this summer. take a look what happened then. there was violence in the streets of oakland, business and stores were vandalized and police are saying this time around, their intelligence indicates the same rage is not there, that is different this time around.
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some business owners appreciate that but think are taking no chances, boarding up their shops and some are wondering what it is such violence accomplishes. >> there are other ways to communicate besides tearing down your communities that you live in. >> reporter: some businesses are saying we're going to have business as usual. at a coop on telegraph avenue, they are having art display and 20 vendors are setting up their stuff. police are encouraging business as usual while at the exact same time they are setting up no arcing signs to accommodate demonstrations, some businesses are not opening businesses. some stores not opening. some are closing down early.
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some are boarding up and some, it's business as usual. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney "abc 7 news." >> so the big question, everybody is asking this morning is -- will mehserle serve any jail time. he could get up to 14 years. janelle wang is live with more and things start in just a few hours. >> the sentencing hearing begins at 8:30 this morning in a los angeles courtroom. it's expected to last several hours. the first thing the defense will do is ask for a new trial. it's a similar case to jr mehserle's but this one in kentucky where an officer accidentally shot someone after mistakenly pulled out husband gun instead his taser. that officer was not indicted. this past july a jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of oscar grant at a bart station.
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he could get probation to 14 years in state prison because of that gun enhancement. >> it was error for the judge to even instruct the jury they could find the gun enhancement to be true on an involuntary manslaughter case. >> based on the history of the criminal justice system, that is a major victory. it sends a message across the united states that police officers can and will be held accountable. >> oscar grant's family will be allowed to give victim impact statements but the judge has limited the number to three people. we have a crew in los angeles that will be in the courtroom during the sentencing hearing and, of course, we'll have all the developments here on abc7. bart is making preparations in the event of demonstrations in oakland or san francisco. officials say they will provide service updates through e-mail alerts, phone systems as well as
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on the bart sites. they are encouraging alternate transportation plans. >> scheduled hearing is to begin at 8:30 this morning and it could take a while. as soon as we know it, we'll bring you live coverage on "abc 7 news." >> santa clara county sheriff's deputies is looking for a driver that managed to flood an entire intersection overnight. he hit a hydrant right in front of cupertino village shopping center. the water was everywhere. firefighters did manage to get the hydrant shut off around 3:30 but it could take some time for all the water to drain away. meantime, deputies are looking for the driver responsible but they say it could be very difficult because so far, there are no witnesses. five people are recovering this morning after a car crashed into a daly city cell phone store. it happened at mission plaza.
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the driver of a blue impala was pulling into a parking space but instead of stopping, he sped up. it went straight into the store and into the back wall. four people were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. police think the driver was under the influence of drugs. san francisco has recovered the 75 ballots stolen on election day allegedly by a polling inspector. they were found floating in a pond. the polling inspector accused of ballot heist will make the first court appearance on three felony charges, police say that they don't know of the motive. >> another 5,000 prison inmates are about to head out of state to reduce prison overcrowding here. 2600 prisoners to a privately
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run prison to michigan at a cost of $60 million a year. state officials are negotiating to house additional inmates at institutions run by corrections corp of america. first segment of the rail line between san francisco and southern california will be built in the central valley, not in the bay area. officials voted unanimously $4.3 billion in federal money will be spent on segments linking fresno to merced or bakersfield. authority board member is disappointed the san francisco leg would not be built first. one of the reasons was the opposition to the project from residents of several peninsula cities. the entire project is in jeopardy because of the change in power following tuesday's
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election. >> in central valley, the trains can hit the maximum speed. >> which is 230 miles an hour, it's fast. >> we of changes in the forecast but won't be quite that fast. you may notice if you live along the coast or even around san francisco, some of the fog is starting to return and that is the onshore flow or the sea breeze that is going to bring cooler weather to parts of the bay. 8:00 this morning, we have, i'd say partly sunny sky, most of us still in the on a to 60 around san jose as we head into the lunch hour, a thickening of the clouds, especially look at the clouds along the coast with low to mid 50s around half moon bay. even mid to upper 50s around the bay and low 70s showing up around san jose, livermore, antioch and morgan hill. by 4:00, you'll notice the sea breeze keeping us to mid to
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upper 50s, half moon bay, san francisco and even palo alto and oakland near 70 with mid-70s for fremont and san jose and mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. still warmer but probably no records will be set. tomorrow, even cooler than today but no rain in the forecast. we're keeping it dry. rain does come into the forecast on sunday and looks like temperatures will be much cooler 10-15 degrees cooler than today. quarter to half an inch of rain and north bay, tenth to quarter for the rest of us. how is the golden gate bridge looking. >> you said it was going to be cooler and we can see fog around the golden gate bridge. traffic is lighted heading into san francisco so no major traffic trouble this any morning. however, if you check out the richmond-san rafael bridge, good nice. connector ramp from 580 to north 101 will be open this afternoon, that would be in time for the evening commute and you will
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have two lanes as you make your way on northbound 101. the other side of that bridge which is the east shore freeway, looking good in berkeley, no trouble for westbound headlights leading down to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i mentioned how fast those trains were running -- i didn't mention she drives faster than that. i'm not kidding you. >> still ahead, danger they could pose to your children. >> and deals are definitely on, discounts are deep. it's not even black friday but they are trying to lure in the shoppers. live in san jose, one store giving away 10,000 free pairs of jeans this morning. we'll let i know who is doing
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it. >> and talking about the bargains for the holidays, not all sales may not be what they claim to be. what to watch out for coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:13. a friday and you are looking at live pictures of shuttle discovery on the launch pad at cape canaveral, florida and bad luck seems to follow this
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mission. they have had several delays because of technical problems and this morning, they were hoping to get the launch off. they discovered a hydrogen fuel leak on board. don't know how long it's going to take to fix, but it could postpone today's launch. we'll keep you informed as we find out more about it. we're still three weeks from thanksgiving so why is today seem like black friday? the day that retailers hope to jump start holiday sales. teresa garcia is live in san jose at one store damage allege special offer. >> they have huge discounts and, indeed, it is friday but not black friday. take a look at this schedule. we're three weeks away from the day after thanksgiving black friday where they are offering huge discounts and deals. at best buy, one of the stores offering so many of those deals.
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two major retailers, sears and best buy, up to 50% off. many retailers are sporting a christmas look. to lure the shoppers they are making a big push this season in social media. in a one day nationwide event, gap is giving 10,000 pairs of jeans. they affirm it helped hundreds of retailers market themselves on facebook and twitter. >> you can reach a vast target audience, that is 25-year-old women who are interested in shoes, that is the target audience you can reach. >> consumers surveyed national retail federation, discounts are most important factor for holiday shopping.
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a study out this week says shoppers are leaving their credit cards at home and 90% plan to use cash for at least some of their holiday purchases. the study also said that about 40% of americans plan to spend less than they did last year, so likely you'll get many major stores trying to get their shopping in early. our partners at consumer reports that some discounts may not be as big as retailers claim. some of the promised discounts are based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price and not the price the store usually charges. for example, a blu-ray player at best buy with an advertised saying of $60 has a true saving of $10. a cam disorderer that is $125 off, they say it will scrutinize other sales, as well.
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>> if you bought a safety seat, they are recalling infant seats. they say the harness strap can break loose and cause a choking hazard. the company is offering a free repair kit. go to and 7 on your side for the information. you know, we've been talking about setting clocks back, this may be a good time to check out wiper blades. >> peel them off the windshield. leave some of the windshield there. we'll talk about that during daylight savings. all good things to do before we get to sunday. check out what is going on, talk about some fog and there it is as we look from vollmer peak. let's talk about temperatures, it is cooling in some areas,
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closer to the coast where the sea breeze is bringing in 55 degrees in san francisco. just about all of us in the mid to upper 50s. napa and santa rosa, cooler in the low 50s. around the monterey bay, low to mid-50s there and even inland, gilroy and salinas, highlights as we head into the weekend, today is partly sunny. warmer than average away from the coast and san francisco. those the areas we'll see the biggest drop. cooler afternoons for all of us start tomorrow and rainy sunday and don't forget the extra hour of sleep as we set the clocks back saturday night. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in south bay and mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along the coast. to near upper 60s in downtown san francisco. mid-70s through the north bay valleys. low 70s around san rafael and sausalito. we'll have mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s around the
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monterey bay and inland, morgan hill and hollister, mid on 80s. look for more widespread cloudiness. low 50s up in the north bay, still pretty mild for this time of the year. three areas, triangle of high pressure and what it has done for our weather, three days in a row of record high temperatures. it's so strong, it's causing this storm to elongate, so it's splitting the two main power sources, one heading to the north and one heading to our south. this is going to usher in cooler air and bring rain to southern california and especially into sunday. we'll turn our attention to the storm to the north because saturday, it will roll in and that will bring us the rain, most likely in the north bay and tapering as it slides south in the mouth bay. quarter of an inch in the south bay and east bay valleys but big
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change will be in temperatures. 10-15 degrees cooler by sunday and those cool conditions hang around, monday through thursday of next week and next chance of rain would be mainly in the north bay and that is tuesday. can't find any commuting problems for you this morning, we'll check out a few live cameras to show you what you can expect. san mateo bridge looking great. westbound traffic on the right. 880 all clear, as well. as we head to the south bay, there is so many accidents yesterday in san jose. it was just a mess. northbound 280 looking good at this point. looking at highway 17, 101 was the hot spot around san jose. all the way through the peninsula it's great and friday light right now. if anything changes, you can go to the traffic report any time,
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go to our website at months trapped underground haven't dampened the spirits of one chilean miner. >> what is coming up. >> plus, the hero that pulled a woman from the mouth of a shark. a flight to hawaii
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using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. welcome back, it's 5:23. death toll from indonesia volcano has increased to 122.
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dozens of bodies were found after searing gas came down the mountain. houses and trees were torched. soldiers are joining in the rescue operations. it came back to life more than a week ago as thousands of villagers that live on the slopes have fled. scientists have been told also to evacuate. sharks have been spotted in the same area where a tour guide was attacked in australia. the person on the left was diving near perth when a ten foot shark bit her on on both legs. this man grabbed on the tail of the shark and get her to release her. that is when she begin to syringe. they pulled her up and she nearly has 200 stitches but she is going to be okay. franklin was wearing a shark shield but one of her souvenirs
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is a shark tooth they pulled out of body. >> one of miners rescued if chile is going to do an amazing feet. new york city marathon. at a packed news conference, he delighted the crowd by singing a popular elvis tune. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> come on. >> i was boogiing but he admits the race will be tough for him but the biggest klng the to
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motivate others. >> it's 5:25 now. labor department releasing the highly anticipated jobs report. we'll have figures next at 5:30. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police and businesses are preparing for anything and everything. they are hoping for nothing when the sentencing is announced in the johannes mehserle case. story coming up in a live report. >> and pg&e reveals a huge financial impact as a result of the san bruno explosion and fire and it could affect you. >> look at the temperatures across the lower 48. denver westward pretty mild, 89 in phoenix and 57 in seattle but in the 50s along the eastern seaboard where we have flight delays. check out our flight tracker at www.abc7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7c7
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good morning. i'm janelle wang, three hours from now the state of johannes mehserle will be determined. today the sentencing of the former bart police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant nearly two years ago. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland, a city bracing for that sentencing decision today. i'll tell you exactly what police and businesses are doing and saying about it. >> a picture of downtown san francisco, what you don't see is the fog creeping back into the bay. cooling trend is in for some. record highs for others, i'll talk about when the rain and cooler weather gets here for all of us in the forecast. >> friday, traffic is light right now. live shot on toll plaza, no
5:30 am
accidents. >> 5:29. on this friday, thank you for spending the morning with us. >> the city of oakland is hoping for the best but getting ready for the worse when johannes mehserle is sentenced. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed passenger, oscar grant and that triggered rioting in the oakland streets when he was convicted. terry? >> i guarantee there is going to be one demonstration following the announcement of johannes mehserle case. there is a permit for it. there is going to be a demonstration here. there will probably be others and police are saying they do not see the kind of emotion that they saw following the verdict in july. take a look at what some business people are doing. they are not so sure the people are right about that.
5:31 am
free concert, very few attending organizers people are to edgy to go out. some business owners are boarding up their shops and some are using the same plywood they used after the disturbance in july following the verdict. some businesses say they are going to conduct business as usual. police are encouraging, in fact 20 vendors are after a friday art call. >> we are not getting the intelligence that we had the mass crowds we had in july but we are prepared for a worst case scenario. >> this was the scene back in july, windows were smashed, crowds of demonstrators piling oakland streets starting from the downtown area and moving out a bit. businesses should open as usual and some say they are going to open as usual. others say they are not going to% at all and some are going to meet and close early.
5:32 am
exactly what is going to happen, police are bracing for just about anything that might happen. they are even prepared to call in outside agencies if things get out of hand but intelligence suggests that this time it's going to be ditched. it's not going to be like it was after the announcement of the verdict. mehserle's sentencing hearing begins in three hours. judge will have to weigh ditched an convicting factors in deciding he will spend a long time in prison or walk out on probation. janelle wang has a breakdown. >> the sentencing hearing begins at 8:30 in a los angeles courtroom, four months after a jury found johannes mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter for shooting on oscar grant in the back at an oakland bart station. today a judge will determine if and how long mehserle will spend behind bars for that crime. >> so whatever reason the judge or whoever made the decision.... >> the family is crying foul because they say a los angeles
5:33 am
judge is limiting victim impact statements for johannes mehserle. grant's uncle appeared on 7 live. >> we've been informed that the impact statements that we thought we would be able to get has been reduced to three. >> they want the maximum possible, 14 years in state prison after they found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. verdict included a gun enhancement. mehserle's attorney wants a new trial saying is there evidence in kentucky, where police officer shot someone after mistakenly using a gun instead of a taser. that officer was not indicted. michigan messes's that it was accidental and wants the judge to throw out the gun enhancement. >> but was error for the judge to instruct the jury they could find the gun enhancement to be
5:34 am
true on an involuntary manslaughter case because the jury had to make a determination that mehserle did not intend to draw and fire a firearm. >> reporter: legal analyst dean john expects most likely mehserle will spend some time in prison unless the judge finds this is unusual circumstances. dean johnson will be live here in the studio during the 6:00 hour. >> the sentencing hearing as you mentioned is scheduled for 8:30 but the process could take a while. as soon as we know the judge's decision we'll bring it to you live. >> pg&e says the tab for the gas line explosion and fire in san bruno may top a billion dollars and there is concern that customers may foot much of the bill. mercury news says the utility revealed the costs of repairing
5:35 am
the devastated neighborhood in a regulatory filing. compensate go victims and reinspecting gas pipes could total $550 million on top of $450 million that pg&e is inspected to spend on new pipeline valves and renovations for the network, consumer advocates worry the utility may use the price of the disaster to ask for new rate increases. >> there will be a last minute push to save a college student from deportation. he was born in peru. parents emigrated from china. all three came on visitors visas but never returned to peru. they arrested him in september. they meant last night -- they met last night to formalize details. >> he went to high school and
5:36 am
started college. no one informed him that he was here with illegal status. >> i think was uncommon not to be inquire what their status actually was. >> lee is being held in an immigration detention center in arizona. governor elect jerry brown says his transition team is already working on a blueprint for a state budge that he'll have to present within days of taking office in january. he discussed the state's financial situation with governor swarzenegger on a flight to sacramento yesterday. brown met were legislative leader and he led a briefing on the state's projected deficit. >> very daunting. it certainly is bad as as it ever has been. it's going to take people from the democratic party and republican party to get out of their comfort zone. >> even hoe he is democrat,
5:37 am
political analysts he may not spare some of the prized social programs. >> labor department has just released the latest unemployment report, jobless rate remains at 9.6%. they added 151,000 jobs in october but many economists expect the unemployment rate to stay above 9% through next year. >> time for a look at our weather. >> definitely entering a cooling pattern. >> changes are showing up. and frances will show fog around the bay area bridges. low to mid 50s around the coast up to the north bay valleys. menlo park, you have upper 50s to near 60s degrees for the rest of us. these temperatures, you can see they are cooler in some areas like san francisco, half moon bay, fremont and antioch, and slightly warmer around concord and fairfield, about three to
5:38 am
five degrees. during the afternoon hours, you can see the cooling around the coast. 59 in richmond, low to mid-70s throughout the bay shoreline, to upper 70s in the south bay. mid to upper 80s in the on east bay valleys. also low to mid-70s up through the north bay. could set a record and maybe one place today, but that would be about santa rosa with 76. mid-70s for the rest of bay and low to mid-80s in the neighborhoods. cooling will spread around the entire bay and inland starting tomorrow. cool rain starting on sunday, quarter to half an inch around the bay. southward, quarter to half an inch and cool weather will hang all throughout next week. frances has a picture of fog. >> i sure do. live shot of the golden gate bridge. that is one thing that could possibly slow you down. no accidents on bay area freeways in the past hour that
5:39 am
have been blocking any lanes at all. just check it out. nothing causing trouble. traffic is light. 101 in millbrae. it's all clear here. mike will be tracking flight delays for flights heading to sfo but so far, no problems at this point. >> it's 5:39. >> a murder mystery, a socialite is found murdered. her family sat down for an exclusive interview. >> and police release
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♪ whoa ♪ ♪ ♪ one tribe, y'all ♪ one tribe, y'all ♪ one tribe, y'all ♪ we are one people [ female announcer ] when you choose pepsi, you support the pepsi refresh project. which is giving away millions of dollars to refresh communities across america. ♪ one, one, one people [ female announcer ] so choose pepsi. ♪ one tribe, y'all
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[ female announcer ] every pepsi refreshes the world. ♪ one, one, one people >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this morning, they hope new surveillance video will help catch those who is responsible for an armed robbery. victim was assaulted and robbed by two suspects last friday after a discussion. the assault happened out of camera view. when officers arrived they found the victim unconscious. he was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. they say the suspect stole the man's cell phone and wallet. >> they are looking at a murder mystery on russian hill. a woman was found dead in her
5:43 am
apartment, considered a socialite. the family spoke with vic lee about their loss and need for justice. >> reporter: this how kate's family remembers her. >> the real beauty in kate, she was not a taker, she was a giver. >> this was when she appeared on abc7's "view from the bay" three years ago. she was well known fashionista and entrepreneur. >> coincidentally, we also did a random interview with her on new year's day. she was murdered in second floor apartment on russian hill. police won't say who but someone called 911 at 3:00 in the morning. asking officers to check on her. >> they believe a stranger walked up to the door of the victim's premise and the victim answered the door.
5:44 am
>> its safe neighborhood, you need a card or key to get into the apartment building. unfortunately, there are no security cameras. horan and her mother had returned from a trip from argentina the body was found. >> investigators won't say how she was murdered, but they want your help in finding her killer. vic lee, "abc 7 news." they take on the blackberry. >> and trying to flee what is now hurricane tomas but they worry there is no place to go. that story is coming up. >> live look at space shuttle discovery on the launch pad at cape canaveral. there is a serious problem there and it's forcing nasa to delay the launch of the discovery again. we'll tell you why. >> and san francisco 49ers lay
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california forecast, 59 in eureka. slightly cooler weather through the central valley with mid-70s through sacramento. let's talk about what is going to happen this weekend in tahoe. it looks like it's going to be wet and that is going to come in
5:48 am
primarily on sunday. same thing in yosemite and one last stop in southern california where we also have a potential to be wet in l.a. and looks like drier in san diego. >> a look at the stories we're following, johannes mehserle will learn whether he goes to prison or walks out of jail. mehserle could get anything from probation to 14 years in prison for the fatal shooting of unarmed passenger oscar grant. we'll have live coverage as soon as the sentencing happens. >> the city of oakland is preparing for a possible demonstration after mehserle's sentence is announced. police say they don't think there will be large protestor rioting, but police chief says they are prepared for any civil unrest just in case. >> pg&e now says the tab for the gas line explosion and fire in san bruno may top a billion dollars. consumer advocates are concerned
5:49 am
that customers will foot much of the bill in increased utility rates. very latest coming up at 6:00. >> hurricane tomas is off the coast of haiti and picking up speed this morning. residents trying to recover from haiti massive earthquake in january are finding it difficult to leave once again. >> reporter: chaos erupted when aid workers tried to evacuate thousands before hurricane tomas hits today. they are on red alert the most severe storm warning, expecting strong winds and up to a foot of rain that could trigger deadly mudslide. hundreds eventually left their tents relocate to go an abandoned hospital but even haiti's president says the government doesn't have enough places to move everyone. the u.n. expect that half a
5:50 am
million people are l need assistance. but roads remain nearly impassable, still filled with rubble nearly ten months after the earthquake. because of that, tomas seems too much, as to, too close. >> and there is one more fear in haiti this morning, worries problems from this storm could worsen a cholera outbreak that has already killed 400 people there. a fuel leak is forcing nasa to cancel today's scheduled launch of space shuttle discovery. they discovered the leak while this they were fueling the orbiter. these are live pictures from cape canaveral of the shuttle launch pad area. they are four days behind because of technical problems and weather-related delays. if discovery can't launch by sunday, by the way, there is the orbiter and these are not live
5:51 am
pictures, this is videotape, if they can't launch but sunday they will have to wait until december. they are worried about the angle of the sun, if they can't do it by sunday they have to wait until the sun is in the right position. >> all right. let's check in with mike. speaking of sun, a lot less of it in the coming weeks. >> especially sunday when the rain starts to roll in. you may have to change plans on sunday. no kidding! >> i thought was a coincidence. >> but even in florida there are giants fans.
5:52 am
>> maybe all the astronauts are wearing them. >> we're looking at a clear skies, southeast from downtown san francisco and plenty of fog down there showing the cooling. take a look at the temperatures and not as nearly as warm this morning, fremont and los gatos around 50, sea, santa rosa, low on a there. monitor lay bay we do have fog and low to mid-50s inland. low to mid 50s around gilroy and salinas. partly sunny, still warmer than average for most of us. cooler weather will spread through all of our neighborhoods and rain for sunday and extra hour of sleep. let's take a look at temperatures today. look for the asterisks, that is where we set record highs, concord, san jose and oakland, may set one in santa rosa where you can hold that 76, four degrees cooler, san jose 89,
5:53 am
oakland and san francisco, ten degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll start in the east bay, we'll have the valleys in the mid to upper 70s. walnut creek about 74 degrees. 59 in richmond. low to mid-70s for the east bay shore. mid to upper 70s in the south bay with san jose at 78. mid-70s on the peninsula today. 74 in millbrae and menlo park. mid to upper 60 as along the coast. in downtown and 70 in downtown san francisco. up around sausalito and 72 in san rafael. low to mid-60s at your beaches. mid 70s for the rest of the bay and low 80s inland. for tonight, look for low on a up in the north bay valleys, rest of us in the mid-50s. we're watching the three areas of high pressure still hold our weather steady. you can see the high clouds and because a lot of this energy, the low is going to travel to the south and bring cooler air
5:54 am
but no rain. secondary cold front comes in on sunday and brings quarter to half an inch in the north bay. quarter to a 10th in the south bay. >> good news if you are heading to the san are fell, new connector ramp off the richmond-san rafael bridge to northbound 101, in time for the evening commute. check out some live shots for you. oakland maze, traffic heading westbound, delay free right now toward the bay bridge toll plaza. it's looking great around the bay area. find the latest, here is one more shot, 680 in walnut creek, find out the latest by going to the labor department just released october jobs report, employers added most jobs in five months. >> here is jane king with the morning's money scope report.
5:55 am
>> good morning. jobs in focus with the october employment report just off. good news. 151,000 jobs created in the u.s. during the month of october. and we expected about 60,000 so that is more than double. in the meantime, speaking of jobs, survey found 47% of works are considered of low bonus after all the long hours and many didn't have no bonus at all. check out these numbers, surge go to the highest level in two years, investors are pumping billions of dollars in the global economy. companies trying to break the blackberry addiction and more companies want to look at that. dell is taking a look at blackberries and they are lobbying other companies to do the same.
5:56 am
bloomberg has told bank of america and citigroup employees instead of blackberries for working there. jane king with the business report. >> it's 5:56. >> mistake poll shows that californians are leaning toward legalizing marijuana despite the defeat of proposition 19. the new poll was conducted by a firm after tuesday's election. they say marijuana laws do more harm than good. just like alcohol prohibition did in the past. new survey indicates a quarter of those who oppose prop 19 consider voting the other way. a survey official says if more of the younger votes went to the polls the outcome of prop 19 would have been very close. >> 49ers might be raising ticket prices for the second straight year next season. they will ask to approve a plan that would praise premium seats
5:57 am
by 18%. but the cheapest seats $29-74 range would remain the same. if they raise the prices, average per game ticket price would be $83. that is still below the n.f.l. average of $101. >> just ahead, we'll continue our team coverage of today's sentencing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. >> watch out for the water. >> and very unwelcome wake-up what police are saying about this horrific overnight accident that may have left an oakland home uninhabitable. >> we are still three weeks away from black friday but discounts are getting deeper. we'll let you know why so many 8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8t8p
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